One-time authentication is a new experimental feature designed to improve the security against CCA
Now it can be enabled on latest SS-libev.

Here is how I do it:

1, git clone latest SS-libev source code and compile to install on your server.
2, edit default SS-libev startup script.
3, Add "-A"('A' not 'a') parameter in do_start() function.
4, restart SS-libev service.


Once you enabled this feature on server side ,YOU MUST ENABLE it on client too,Or you will got errors.

If you are using ss-local on Ubuntu Linux like me, so just do the same things on Client side.

If you are using Android Client, don't forget to turn this switch on.


If you are using Windows SS Client,seems you need a new version SS-C# Client from here.

If you are using iPhone, throw that shit out and buy a Nexus.